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Capacity Building

Indigenous Community Capacity Building

Indigenous community organisation capacity building is a process of organisational development that involves all key stakeholders (internal and external) to support Indigenous community organisations to develop internal activities.

Cintex helps many Indigenous organisations to develop internal systems and processes to better fulfil and achieve their mission, vision and organisational strategy.

Cintex recognises the importance of Indigenous organisations to develop their capacity through:

  • Creating a supportive organisational culture and approach
  • Designing a clear vision and strategy
  • Developing adequate organisational structure and processes
  • Creating a brand based on the organisations mission
  • Applying adequate marketing initiatives to promote the organisations purpose and services
  • Effectively aligning skills and resources to support the strategy
  • Building a resilient workforce
  • Facilitating external stakeholder engagement with non-Indigenous (mainstream) organisations
  • Financial and regulatory frameworks and accountability requirements

Indigenous organisations are significantly increasing across the non-government sector and private sectors throughout all Australian states and territories and there is an identified need to strengthen and develop the capacity of Indigenous organisations to succeed and achieve their mission and strategy.

Contact us to help your organisation build its capacity and recognise the necessary skills, competencies and abilities to achieve measurable and sustainable results for your community.