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Community Engagement

Indigenous Governance

What relationships has your organisation established with diverse Indigenous communities to create positive outcomes?

Does your organisation need assistance in improving communication and engagement with various Indigenous communities?

Cintex assists our clients in engaging with various Indigenous peoples/communities throughout the process of:

  • Program co-design
  • Policy development
  • Program implementation
  • Program evaluation and review

The engagement process creates an on-going relationship for our clients with the targeted communities to improve and strengthen partnerships and ongoing consultation. The process of engagement with Indigenous people can be an informative, consultative or a negotiated method for decision making, involving key Indigenous stakeholders and leaders in the community with your organisation.

Cintex has helped many organisations develop effective participatory processes for Indigenous community engagement.
The approaches taken by Cintex are varied and have focused on assisting clients and organisation to:

  • Engage with Indigenous communities through existing Indigenous governance structures
  • Developing agreements and partnerships with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, based on mutual obligations
  • Building relationships that are strong with Indigenous leaders and Elders in community
  • Resourcing and supporting Indigenous initiatives and programs to support community inclusion
  • Facilitating and enabling decision making under an Indigenous self-determined framework driven by community aspirations

Contact us for help if your organisation is exploring methods and processes for Indigenous community inclusion and engagement strategies. Our specialist Indigenous consultants are equipped with the resources, tools and knowledge to assist your organisation at a strategic and operational level of community engagement.