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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness Training & Workshops

The modern workplace is a competitive battlefield that is reliant on peak performance from employees, leaders and management. Just like athletes rely on nutrition coaches to ensure they are eating correctly to reach optimum performance, the workplace shouldn't be any different.

Our training/workshops provide more than just information to your employees and managers on what foods they should be eating, it introduces the cutting edge concept of "direct correlation"; between what we eat and how our bodies respond in relation to our performance.

Throughout our training sessions and workshops participants will become familiar with the concept of ‘peak performance nutrition’ and the below topics:

  • Mood boosting foods
  • Stress relieving foods
  • Foods that improve alertness
  • Foods that boost energy
  • Hydration and its importance
  • Fibre and super foods for adequate digestion
  • Supplementation requirements
  • Work life balance
  • Recipes and cooking ideas
  • Exercise & workplace performance 

The Benefits of this training to your organisation include:

  • Reduction in sick days & absenteeism
  • Reduction or elimination of stress leave
  • Elimination burn out amongst employees and management
  • A more productive and efficient workplace
  • Stronger team work, collaboration and cultural climate
  • Increase in retention and motivation
  • Improvement in overall organisation performance

"Unhealthy employees were estimated to take on average 13 days off more compared to healthy employees."
“Participants undergoing our training have been shown to be 5 times more productive after the session than prior to the session”

Our Approach

The information is presented in an energetic and engaging manner that eliminates all the technicalities and jargon often associated with nutrition seminars. The session will provide practical information, tools and strategies for enhancing the participant’s nutritional profile to significantly improve their health and well-being. Participants walk away with a step by step action plan that can be easily incorporated into their personal, social lives and work schedules.

Each session will:

  • Provide a current profile of the current health status of individuals and areas for improvement
  • Encourage an open, collaborative and a two way learning environment that enables participation, questions and feedback
  • Provide clarity and myth busting, evidence based information about fads and false teachings
  • Our sessions can be tailored for a male or female dominated workforce, focusing on either men’s health or women’s health or both. They can also be tailored to focus on lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and cardio vascular disease, ageing health issues and so on.


We offer a;

3hr Workshop;

Our 3 hr program introduces many of the concepts mentioned above. Participants walk away with a clear understanding of resilience and how it relates to personal, social and professional success as well as an action plan that provides a step by step framework on how to build one's personal resilience.
Our 3 hr workshop has received rave reviews from government agencies as well as corporate organisations.

1 day Workshop;

Our 1 day workshop is an intensive program that provides a detailed analysis of all the areas mentioned above, participants walk away with a sound understanding of the areas as well as having a step by step detailed action plan to put into practise.

All of our programs are tailored to your organisational needs and training specifications. Please contact our team for further information on Cintex's Resilience Programs.