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Cultural Competency

Cultural Competency Programs

Cintex provides specialist consulting services to help organisations embed Indigenous cross-cultural competency programs into organisational learning and development strategies.

Cintex provides training, coaching and mentoring services for directors, senior managers and employees to increase the awareness and understanding of:

  • Community days of significance (Example, Sorry Day, Apology, NAIDOC Week etc)
  • Indigenous cultural practices
  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Men and women's business
  • Diversity of Indigenous people and nations
  • Indigenous histories
  • Appropriate terminologies
  • Recognised cultural protocols
  • Socio-cultural and demographic statistics
  • Lifestyle practices and choices
  • Social determinants of health
  • Current and contemporary Indigenous issues in urban, rural and remote communities

Cintex has helped many organisations in the health and ageing, education, training and employment sectors develop and co-design effective training programs for employees to undertake Indigenous cross-cultural understanding.

The methods of delivery for the Indigenous cross-cultural foundations program provided by Cintex are tailored to the needs of the organisation and its employees.

Our approach has been developed into participatory programs, such as:

3 hour face to face session, led by an Indigenous facilitator;

This training workshop provides participants with a basic understanding and introduction of the above topic areas. The learning materials for this session are presented through interactive workshops, practical group exercises and audio visual materials.

1 day face to face session, led by an Indigenous facilitator;

This full day program is an extension of the 3 hour session and goes into greater detail regarding the topic areas mentioned above. A range of interactive class based exercises and activities, along with visual and audio learning materials are provided to learners.

  • Learners are provided with training program resources to guide them through the key learning areas (as a workplace resource).
  • Learners are also encouraged to complete a personal action plan with short and long term goals to achieve that focuses on building cultural engagement and knowledge. We can also provide a competency based assessment at the end of this session to assess the learner's competencies against the learning outcomes.
  • An overwhelming positive response including a 90% excellence rating has been provided by participants over the years about the relevance of the content and information provided by Cintex and the high level of knowledge and skills of the Indigenous facilitators.

Please contact us for further information about the training programs we provide and how we can customise the training program to your organisations needs.