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Indigenous Entrepreneurship

Indigenous Entrepreneurship

Building entrepreneurship and innovation within Indigenous communities and people across Australia represents a significant milestone to improving Indigenous economic development outcomes.

Entrepreneurship focuses on building the capacity and willingness to start up, develop and manage a business venture to make a profit.

Indigenous people, combined with natural resources, human capital, capital, land and cultural resources are positioned in a unique marketplace to succeed. Entrepreneurship is driven by a desire to take risks, be innovative and creative to compete with local, national and global economies.

Cintex recognises the need to support leaders in Indigenous communities to improve the effectiveness and performance of Indigenous organisations. Cintex provides tailored consulting services and training programs to build governance skills and knowledge for directors, senior executives and managers of Indigenous organisations.

Cintex has helped many Indigenous people and community organisations establish and develop practical business models utilising Indigenous cultural business practices into the mainstream economies.

Cintex has also assisted many Indigenous community boards to diversify and formulate new business models and enter into new markets in the health, education and training, tourism and land management sectors across Australia.