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Indigenous Governance

Indigenous Governance

Effective governance of Indigenous corporations and organisations across Australia requires an appreciation of the the social dynamics and diversity of Indigenous people and communities across urban, rural and remote communities.

It requires an ability of organisations and governments to understand and value the cultural knowledge, skills, culture practices and history of Indigenous people in Australia.

The Indigenous sector represents the interests and aspirations of Indigenous people to manage resources, programs and services to support and sustain economic development outcomes and initiatives. This sector employs a large number of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who work in specialist roles within the community and on the front line.

Cintex recognises the need to support leaders in Indigenous communities to improve the effectiveness and performance of Indigenous organisations. Cintex provides tailored consulting services and training programs to build governance skills and knowledge for directors, senior executives and managers of Indigenous organisations.

The benefits provided by our consulting services and training programs around Indigenous governance include:

  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of directors
  • Facilitating the development of vision, mission statements and strategic plans with boards of management
  • Implementing and creating a culture of effective governance and accountability through best practice systems and processes
  • Risk management at an organisational and individual level for directors
  • Financial obligations and reporting tools to assist the organisations finances
  • Facilitating the development of vision, mission statements and strategic plans with boards of management
  • Best practice program and service delivery models
  • Developing effective human resource and organisational development tools
  • Creating a positive, efficient and productive organisational climate

Cintex also helps Indigenous organisations through customised coaching and training to build capacity, knowledge and skills to implement effective governance processes and total quality management systems for program and service delivery effectiveness. Cintex works with Indigenous organisations established under the Corporations (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Act 2006 (CATSI Act) and Aboriginal Land Councils operating under the NSW Aboriginal Land Right Act (1983). k here to edit text