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Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Cintex provides marketing strategy consulting services to assist our clients achieve significant advances in the management and execution of brand portfolios. We deliver the tools and guidance that are crucial for organisations – large and small – to develop and grow exceptional competency in marketing their businesses across a variety of sectors.

The Cintex team provides a range of strategic and project based marketing solutions to assist our clients:

  • Gaining Deeper Insights to the Needs and Wants of Customers
  • Engaging Key Stakeholders to Create Strategic Partnerships and Relationships
  • Delivering Key Messages, Brand Value and Positioning and Exposure through a Disciplined Approach
  • Converting Marketing Expenditure to Sales and Profits, Delivering Exceptional Return on Investment (ROI)

A Planned Approach

Cintex consultants utilise a planned approach and broad range of analytical tools to map the needs of your customers and identify the marketing specifications for your target market.

The effectiveness of the Cintex approach rests upon the ability of our consultants to undertake:

  • Rigorous market reports and analysis
  • Market segmentation research and assessments
  • Target market analysis
  • Strategic positioning and marketing plan development

Cintex has a proven track record assisting clients in:

  • Building a reputable brand image
  • Providing a full range of research, marketing and implementation services
  • Maximising competitive advantage and targeted brand positioning