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Mindfulness Training & Workshops

Organisations are currently faced with a range of challenges and scenarios that put significant pressure on their front line staff and management:

Technological advances mean that the workplace is now a 24/7 continuous cycle where employees are constantly bombarded with information to digest and often take their work home with them due to email access and other forms of modern day technological communication.
As a result the work environment becomes an overwhelming and stressful place where anxiety often takes over and performance is jeopardised.

Some of the common signs of high levels of stress in a team include:

  • Arguments and disputes between staff
  • General absenteeism
  • An increase in grievances and complaints
  • Greater staff turnover

In such a highly pressurised environment we often make choices based on the need to survive rather than thrive. We often respond with our impulses and emotions that often cause us to react and in turn overreact instead of having a sense of calm and control over ourselves and the way we respond to stressful situations. These responses are automated and often impact on our relationships inside and outside the workplace and significantly reduce our ability to be productive and reach our potential.

Benefits of Mindfulness for your Organisation

  • Reduced levels of absenteeism and reducing costs associated with sickness
  • Greater ability to think clearly and focus on tasks at hand
  • Enhanced memory, attentiveness and concentration
  • Improved physical and mental well being
  • Increased productivity, efficiency and engagement in tasks
  • Reduced staff turnover or improvement in retention of staff
  • Conflict between staff members is significantly reduced
  • Improved communication skills and cohesion of the team
  • Organisational climate and culture improves

Scientists all over the world have been examining the effectiveness of mindfulness in various contexts over the past 20 years, including the workplace, healthcare and education.

The Proven Benefits of Mindfulness Training for Individuals include:

  • Emotional well-being, memory and creativity
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Improved creativity, innovation and ‘out of the box’ thinking
  • Professional performance
  • Decision making
  • Employee turnover
  • An increase in their levels of emotional intelligence
  • Increased physical well being
  • Improved brain functioning
  • Better immunity
  • Improved employee satisfaction and overall engagement
  • Higher levels of personal resilience

Throughout our training sessions and workshops participants will develop a thorough understanding of the below:

  • Definition of mindfulness and how it relates to the workplace
  • Lessons and exercise in various forms of practical mindfulness techniques
  • Evidence based research on various mindfulness interventions
  • Adapting more skilfully to external and internal stress triggers
  • Understanding the impact of thought, emotion and actions on our well being
  • Mindful communication with others
  • Self-care and its importance to becoming mindful
  • A thorough action plan for integrating mindfulness into your daily life


We offer a;

3hr Workshop;

Our 3 hr program introduces many of the concepts mentioned above. Participants walk away with a clear understanding of resilience and how it relates to personal, social and professional success as well as an action plan that provides a step by step framework on how to build one's personal resilience.
Our 3 hr workshop has received rave reviews from government agencies as well as corporate organisations.

1 day Workshop;

Our 1 day workshop is an intensive program that provides a detailed analysis of all the areas mentioned above, participants walk away with a sound understanding of the areas as well as having a step by step detailed action plan to put into practise.

All of our programs are tailored to your organisational needs and training specifications. Please contact our team for further information on Cintex's Resilience Programs.