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Motivation & Goal Setting

Motivation & Goal Setting

This program provides participants involved with the training necessary to integrate and implement strategies to progress and manage every aspect of life, personally and professionally.
The program focus is on setting goals and finding your inner source of motivation to achieve your desired outcomes and reach your true potential in any aspect of your life. This program utilities evidence based and proven techniques and strategies to retrain the brain for success, breaking down debilitating thought patterns and thinking traps that prohibit success and personal growth.

The Benefits of Goal Setting

  • Goals direct attention to tasks at hand and highlights what needs to be completed.
  • It allows you to be strategic and implement strategies to develop specific elements of your personal or professional life.
  • Goals are a source of motivation and help mobilise your efforts.
  • Allow you to develop a clear picture of the outcome required as well as the steps needed to achieve the outcome.
  • Goals prolong your persistence as you are rewarded with incentives as you achieve your goals.
  • People who set goals stick at tasks for longer as they are achieving smaller goals that combined form larger goals.
  • Clear goals lead to clearer expectations, better performance-focused conversations, and ultimately, higher levels of performance across the organization.
  • Accountability is also much easier with well-defined goals and tasks
  • Working together towards mutual goals improves the relationship between managers and employees.

Our workshops and training program will introduce and elaborate on the following points and allow individuals to;

  • Uncover their personal motivators
  • Gain strategic perspective using (e.g. Wheel of Life exercise)
  • Learn to set inspiring and motivating (SMARTER) goals
  • Use NLP to inspire yourself
  • Create a laser focus and prioritising tasks to ensure maximum productivity
  • Transform old habits by using the power of your unconscious mind
  • Stop procrastination in one’s life, positively and permanently
  • Bounce back from rejection, failure or setbacks
  • Know their assets and strengths that create the Champion in you, your team & your business
  • Overcome mental blocks, those energy slumps, and everyday frustrations that drain and reduce your productivity.
  • Apply a range of techniques for staying on track and ultimately achieving your goals:
  • Learn to set an action plan... that succeeds
  • Discover ways to identify previously un-tapped resources
  • Learn to change your environment so you don’t have to rely on will-power
  • Avoid the planning fallacy
  • Build strong motivation using the power of ‘re-framing’ failure
  • To use the power of the unconscious mind to achieve what you want and change habits
  • Utilize powerful self-talk and imaging techniques.
  • Control frame of mind and instantly change your state.
  • Integrate the 5 areas of life to achieve a state of balance.
  • Practice the 8 Steps to goal achievement.