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Organisational Research

Organisational Research

Our high quality research reports and papers enable your organisation to make informed strategic decisions to greatly improve business performance for programs and services.

Cintex offers clients a range of research approaches both quantitative and qualitative to provide evidenced based information, advice and solutions.

Underpinning our research approaches are three key principles:

  • leadership support to executives, leaders and managers to engage people through the change process
  • guidance and support to work collectively towards a common objective to deliver results for the business
  • training for individuals to understand new systems and work practices
  • assistance to engage stakeholder support of new strategic directions and future goals

In addition, employee motivation or otherwise known as the people side of organisational transformation requires leaders to inspire belief in employees to adopt to the changes as their own and make them an fundamental part of the organisation.

The benefits of our change management services will result in tailored:

  • Change management strategy development and planning
  • Effective change management communication strategy
  • Employee training and support to build and strengthen change capabilities
  • Motivational and behavioural change qualities
  • Lifting you stakeholder engagement
  • Increasing organisational readiness through change champions

We also provide evaluation services through the systematic collection of information to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses and impact of your programs and services - this will help demonstrate the relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of your programs;

Performance Monitoring

When undertaking performance monitoring we study how a program or service is working and whether or not the aim and objectives were or are being achieved. This allows for a thorough understanding of how well your program or service is performing at any stage and whether or not your target audience is being reached.

Process Evaluations

This allows for the evaluation of the delivery or services delivered and any issues or concerns that have surfaced for the provider and stakeholder/s.

Our approach is particularly well suited to clinical consultations, care planning, care coordination and patient education and rehabilitation programs on population nutrition, exercise, diabetes, blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, cancer, smoking and tobacco use.

We work in isolated, urban and regional areas of Australia. We bring a full-fledged marketing and promotion solution using methods applicable to today’s consumers to respond to the needs of clients. We exceed client expectations by developing and maintaining professional relationships and by listening, understanding, and responding to client needs. We form strong partnerships with our clients and deliver quality and timely services as promised.

Our consulting services have supported numerous health organisations and community programs, non-profit organisations and government services in the health services and promotions sector.