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Time Management

Time Management Training

Do your people complain they have too much to do in too little time?

Are they confused by competing priorities?

Does everyone operate from a task list tracking all their to-dos?

Are individuals procrastinating and missing deadlines?

Everyone starts out the day with the same 24 hours. Why is it then, that some people finish each day falling behind and running into the night overwhelmed while others seem to have a grip and control over their priorities and to do’s ?
One of the main reasons for this problem is the tendency many people have to react to external circumstances and have low impulse control where they are easily distracted and taken off course, rather than persisting, planning and working toward high-priority, long-term goals.
So, when it comes to time management, in the end, it is your decisions, not your circumstances, that will determine how you manage your time in order to achieve your most valuable goals.

The benefits of building your time management skills allow you to:

  • Understand the difference between important and urgent items that require immediate attention
  • Set time-limits on activities
  • Concentrate effort on top 20% of priorities which yield an 80% result
  • Have high impulse and emotional control to manage interruptions
  • Utilise various methods to decide between competing priorities
  • Gain clarity about the next most important tasks to-do
  • Have mechanisms in place to handle to-dos, appointments, emails, feedback and meetings
  • Write everything down and use strategies such as prioritisation so the mind can relax
  • Understand the difference between a project and an action-step
  • Eradicate procrastination by labelling to-dos in action steps or stages
  • Create a reliable ‘bring forward’ filing system for time-specific documents
  • Stating limits in advance for e.g. shortening a phone call, while remaining courteous
  • Learning to say NO when required
  • Analyse workflow and identify if holding onto a task creates a bottleneck
  • Understand that not all things needs to be done immediately and learn to let go of and delegate tasks if required
  • Time block specific activities to ensure full focus e.g. all phone calls, all e-mails
  • Avoid jumping form task to task 
  • Prioritise activities that would increase personal and professional happiness, achievement, and well being
  • Understand the impact of negative and positive self-talk and re framing thought patterns

By developing each of these areas, individuals will begin to get more done in a lot less time.

Our workshops will introduce and elaborate on the following points and allow individuals to;

  • Create a master list of goals and activities that are competing for their time and attention
  • Understand how to create and prioritize high-value goals and create a task/to-do list
  • Develop a strategy for aligning their daily activities to support their goals
  • Explore best practice processes for leveraging their time to achieve their goals
  • Learn effective techniques to overcome the main time bandits that divert their time and attention away from pursuing       their most important goals
  • Learn how to deal with the burden of email, 
  • Cope with interruptions, and say no to low priority requests 
  • Deal with and avoid procrastination
  • Practice how to delegate low priority tasks
  • Develop a strategy and plan for making meetings more efficient and productive
  • Eliminate a perfectionist attitude that limits productivity and efficiency 
  • Handle the behavioural styles of different people, and deflect interruptions from them
  • Become proactive rather than reactive
  • Avoid wasting time and manage time wasters within the workplace

Our time management training provides practical solutions on:

  • 12 ways to manage meetings
  • Time Management Tools - paper-based Vs digital
  • Managing paper with a tickler file
  • Microsoft Outlook tips – using Outlook to its full potential for appointments, tasks, meetings and reminders
  • Email efficiency using flags, categories, rules, and standard reply templates
  • Embracing delegation as a Leadership skill
  • Work/life balance – making time for fitness, family and time-out
  • Overcoming feelings of being overwhelmed
  • Devote ourselves to the things that are truly important and don’t allow distractions to hijack our valuable time.


We offer a;

3hr Workshop;

Our 3 hr program introduces many of the concepts mentioned above. Participants walk away with a clear understanding of resilience and how it relates to personal, social and professional success as well as an action plan that provides a step by step framework on how to build one's personal resilience.
Our 3 hr workshop has received rave reviews from government agencies as well as corporate organisations.

1 day Workshop;

Our 1 day workshop is an intensive program that provides a detailed analysis of all the areas mentioned above, participants walk away with a sound understanding of the areas as well as having a step by step detailed action plan to put into practise.

All of our programs are tailored to your organisational needs and training specifications. Please contact our team for further information on Cintex's Resilience Programs.